The Importance Of A Communication Tool For An Organization Essay

The Importance Of A Communication Tool For An Organization Essay

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In the first unit, we discussed that a memorandum can be used as a communication tool. For example, memos are typically used in a business, legal and professional setting in order to convey the importance of a topic or discussion. Therefore, the audience is usually a coworker, employer or boss within a department or company. Most companies use this as a way to send a professional note to its employee’s about benefits or changes to policies within the company. However, in order for a memo to be considered formal it must contain professional language while being short, sweet and concise. It shouldn’t contain similar content that you would send in text or email to your best friend. This unit provided me the opportunity to not only write professional memo that I can send to an employer or coworker in my future job or internship but it also forced me to really identify what I want to accomplish in my career and what job I want to acquire.
Unit 2 was a little different compared to unit one. In unit one it was more professional, it only needed to have content related to a topic with no d...

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