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Dwyer, Judith. “Communication of Today’s Workplace.” The Business Communication Handbook 2012, 9th edition, Chapter 1, Pages 2-26. Viewed 8th April 2014. Within this reading it emprises on the importance of effective communication within today’s workplace, effective communication is one of the most important things to aid with workplace citizenship. Dwyer outlines various aspects that attributes to communication that help to aid in becoming a successful person in life professionally and privately and the changes in communication channels used in today’s workplace such as face to face, meetings, telephones, email and social media. Aspects such as listening, awareness, empathy, approachable, supportive and being open to others. Many of these attributes include formats of communication, such as verbal, nonverbal, graphic and how these all are essentials within the work place. Communication has seven major components within it; Sender, Message, Channel, Receiver, Feedback, Setting and Interference. With anyone of these being misrepresented can change the complete meaning of the original message. Things such as globalisation, intercultural differences and diversity are one of the crucial issues to be aware of within communication to insure that the correct meaning is delivered. The connection made via effective communication is essential within today’s workplace. Dwyer has outlined many major factors that are relevant within nursing, the three forms of communication are essential aids within nursing; verbal, nonverbal and graphic. Verbal; good verbal communication is always essential to pass on correct and relevant information with others, essentials of verbal communication tool such as ISBAR, Identification of self, Situation at hand... ... middle of paper ... ...ious workplace behaviours and the structure of how leadership may affect satisfying the team and work environments. Yun, Cox & Sims have explored the importance of leadership and team organisational citizenship behaviour. Within nursing there are many different levels of leadership working from the very top, Director of Nursing down to the Nurse directly looking after the patient, all working together for the greater good of the patients health. Within this multi-facetted level of teamwork you find many different Leadership styles working within a chain reaction of each other. To obtain best optimal result empowering and transformational leadership is best aimed for as this effect on a positive work environment leading to greater job satisfaction and positive TOCB, which equates to better patient care, with a higher prospect to a positive outcome for the patient.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the importance of effective communication in today's workplace. dwyer outlines various aspects of communication, such as listening, awareness, empathy, approachable, supportive and being open to others.
  • Explains dwyer's three forms of communication are essential aids within nursing: verbal, nonverbal and graphic. effective communication is essential within all work places and environments.
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