Communications and Leadership at Kroger

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You are a management consultant for Kroger to analyze communications and leadership. You have been asked to submit a final report to the executive team with UR findings including the following USE terms Communications and culture: Kroger’s formal communication structure or flow utilized within the chain of command defined by the organizations CEO uses the three formal channels and types of information that is conveyed in a downward, upward, and horizontal communication style. This is used by the top CEO, Rodney McMullen, in a downward style through the numerous chains of command, finally reaching all the way to the various store brands and store level management. Downward communication, comes from the top CEO level and is communicated down through the chains of command. An example of how culture has influenced Kroger’s downward communication can be seen in the use of videos posted by Kroger’s CEO. Upward communication is when messages come from the subordinate levels to higher in the organization’s management pyramid (Daft, 2012, p.579-580). An example of an upward and downward communication tool can also be seen on Kroger’s intranet in the form of a company blog. A healthy flow of upward and downward communication ensures that the communications between managers and employees is complete. For example, in 2010, Kroger surveyed over 200 thousand employees in its “Associate First Tracker survey” and found the feedback both invaluable and “humbling.” Kroger then communicates the findings with their employees who participated which will then generate a new dialog in regard to what the next steps should be (Orgel, 2010). The final channel of communication is the use of horizontal communications between coworkers. This can... ... middle of paper ... ... 2014, from Kroger Timeline. (2013). In Progressive Grocer, 92(10), 30-52. Retrieved January 28, 2014. Retrieved from Orgel, D. (Aug. 30 2010). Kroger Details Employee Communications. In Supermarket News. Retrieved February 02, 2014, from Ruters, T. (2013). Trying to rule by fear shows a lack of trust. In Westlaw Campus Research. Retrieved February 10, 2014, from

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