The Impact Of Social Media On The Media Essay

The Impact Of Social Media On The Media Essay

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In today 's world, print ads are a dying form of advertising. A new form of marketing is beginning to sweep over consumers: social media. Social media is quickly becoming essential for businesses, leaving print ads and television commercials in the dust. With the rise of importance in social media, companies have been able to adapt and integrate this technology to improve their marketing and advertising. Companies have improved their marketing using social media by reaching more consumers in different ways, reaching their specific target audience more efficiently and maintaining closer relationships with their customers
Social media is a phenomenon unlike any other in its ability to grow and reach millions of people so rapidly. Facebook achieved 100 million users in 9 months, whereas television only achieved 50 million users in 13 years and the internet only achieved 50 million users in 4 years.(Osburn 7) These statistics show that social media is clearly a massively expanding platform, overshadowing television. One explanation for the explosion of social media is because of how accessible it is, both for advertisers and consumers. Provided the consumer has internet, almost all social media sites are free, this is what brings in people of all ages and financial situations. On the advertisers side, setting up a social media page for their business is free as well. This is the reason that social media is on the rise in the world of marketing. Advertisements in newspapers, and commercials on big television channels are very expensive. (Osburn 8) Advertising on social media helps cut the cost, while also gaining high returns. Because of the easiness and affordability of social media many new smaller businesses can now construct effe...

... middle of paper ... Twitter or Facebook instead, both of which are free. This serves as a cost effective solution to keeping buyers informed and happy.
It is clear that social media is changing the landscape of this world and marketing is no exception. As technology becomes more and more present, older forms of advertisement and marketing transition to this world of technology as well. Social media has given business many tools to improve their marketing and in turn earn more profits. The ability to reach millions of consumers through social media has broadened horizons. The communication that social media gives has improved customer relationships. The potential to hone in on a target audience is greater than ever before. All these strategies must be implemented to form a successful marketing strategy. Those who refuse to adapt get left behind while those who do grow and succeed.

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