I Once Read On A T Shirt Essay

I Once Read On A T Shirt Essay

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I once read on a T-shirt:
“Life, Available for a limited time only. Limit one per person. Subject to change without notice. Provided “as is” and without notice. Nontransferable and is the sole responsibility of the recipient…”
The phrases “subject to change without notice” and “sole responsibility” have been of significant importance in guiding my personal and professional development. Both have influenced my professional archetype, allowing me to construct my role as a future psychologist. By first recognizing my “sole responsibility” in achieving my goals, not only as of self-gratification with the hopes of living a fulfilling life, but also with the mindfulness of improving the world I live in. During my clinical work, several experiences led me to immediately feel discouraged, and daunted by such a huge undertaking. My concept of treatment was initially skewed by the idea that there should be immediate, significant impact and a noticeable change for progress to have been made. Fortunately, I soon recognized the value in just being present, not giving up, and meeting the individuals where they are. My concept of treatment changed, allowing me to see each client’s unique presentation as a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. Most importantly, I learned that it was my responsibility to be flexible and adapt to the demands of the consumer, and recognize that it is not the patient who fails, but the therapist.
Consequently, I dedicated my years of study and practice to acquire as much experience as possible with a wide range of diverse populations. In an effort to build myself professionally, I found myself desiring to work with the chronically mentally ill population, as they were said to be the most puzzling...

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...es with a diverse population in search of expanding my capacity to offer individualized and comprehensive treatment. I believe my next professional step not only should serve my professional goals, but also my personal goal in improving the world I live in by helping those who have selflessly given their lives for our country.
Your comprehensive approach to training, and the vast diversity of the population you service are of professional interest to me, and I wish to be part of your professional family. I look forward to expanding my skills and knowledge. The prospect of returning to work with a multidisciplinary environment with emphasis on developing leadership roles excites me intellectually. With my value of structure and leadership, I believe that the combination of my experience, goals, and strong interest in your site will make me an asset to your program.

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