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Personal Statement
I was born in a small town of -----------of underdeveloped country of Bangladesh. I grew up speaking Bengali, wore traditional clothes, created intricate henna designs on women’s hands, and performed classical Bengali music. Since childhood, thought other than becoming a doctor never registered in my mind. My high grades in high school helped me to obtain admission in one of the most desirable place to learn Medicine, Mayemen Medical College.
It was during my clinical rotation in the fourth year of Medical School, which changed my perception about Medicine. I never forget a case during my rotation in Psychiatry, an obese teenager with a big smile. He had a text book case of Prader-Willi syndrome, came in with his Foster …show more content…

In my clinical experiences in Canada and the United States, I managed patients that had co-morbidities that with appropriate psychiatric care, and psychopharmacology, not only were able to improve physiologically, but also were able to have a more meaningful life. Because of my passion for Psychiatry I have consistently been involved with Psychiatry CMEs, attended Psychiatry conferences as well as had hands on clinical rotations in Adult Psychiatry, both inpatient and outpatient. I have started working with a reputable university in Canada as a Program assistant to help improve the professional life of internationally trained Medical Professionals.
I firmly believe that I would be a perfect fit for the Psychiatry residency because of my dedication, experience , passion, knowledge and excellent interpersonal skills. Your residency offers many experiences, which I am looking for in a program including a variety of rotation opportunities, teaching and research experience, and a challenging environment where I can advance my skills as a Psychiatrist. I am confident that my diverse background in medicine coupled with extensive field experience in public health and clinical research will enable me to succeed in the program and excel in my career as a

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