Personal Statement In Healthcare Administration

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Healthcare administration is a field that is often overlooked, but is essentially the beating heart of any healthcare organization. With more and more hospital, and clinics, and other healthcare organizations popping up everywhere there is a need for people like me to manage the day-to-day operations. I am choosing to apply to this program because I want to study how the U.S. healthcare system operates. I want to learn the essential skills of operating a healthcare facility such as managing a budget, reducing healthcare costs, analyzing the efficiency of an organization and proposing ways to improve it. This program is going to give me the necessary education and skills so I can carry out my goal of being a healthcare administrator. This program also aligns well with my interest in public health and basic business background. Suffolk University’s Healthcare Administration program will offer me a variety of opportunities to succeed in out of the classroom and transform me into a …show more content…

Attending the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Congress on Healthcare Leadership conference would be helpful for students such as myself who want to make connections with others in this field. Lastly, having the curriculum designed for students like me who have no experience in the U.S. healthcare system with the required internship makes this program a perfect fit for me. As someone who has many aspirations in life, I understand having both long and short-term goals is important. One of my long-term professional objectives includes being a community service manager at a health center. With this I am hoping to work with many other healthcare professionals to coordinate health programs and initiatives to improve the health of communities. Having a background in health promotion alongside the leadership and management skills and the real world experience that I intended to gain from this program will give me all I need to make this

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