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The national career development association (2003) defines career development as the absolute combination of psychological, Sociological, educational and economic factors which influence the significant of work in the total life span of any individual. It is a route through which individuals choose a career path or professional occupation, continue to develop it through their lives and have several major career change as personal needs and interests change. Drawing the concept from the above definition of career development provided by national career development association (2003) is reveal that there are various factors which influence the appropriate career development, included as ‘psychological, sociological, educational, and economic …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Defines career development as the combination of psychological, sociological, educational, and economic factors which influence the significant of work in the total life span of an individual.
  • Describes the factors that influence the appropriate career development, including psychological, sociological, educational, and economic factors.
  • Explains that psychological factors influence career development, including interest, prestige, personality, values, norms, self-esteem, and all other factors.
  • Explains okorodudu's argument that the family is the first relationship with his child in this world.
  • Explains that sociological factors affect career development of higher secondary adolescent students, including peer group, role models, mentors, social networks, tribal sentiments and government policies.
  • Explains that in career development, economic factors such as poverty, needs, wants, demands and several other factors need to be considered. the career choice taken by most of higher secondary school students depends on their socio-economic conditions.
  • Explains that educational factors that affect career development include skills, experiences, knowledge, information, and other factors. super theory, social cognitive theory and krumboltz’s social theory reveal that the skills and experiences are the main factors in developing the career.
  • Opines that teachers and counsellors should be continuing career development at the higher secondary school level. these activities include making a classroom, teaching/reinforcing productive work habit, helping students understand career applications of subject matter using resources persons.

These group behaviors affect career development to a great extent. These factors can influence how a person thinks and later affect his decisions and his relations in his daily life. Vigroli (2009) investigated the role of adolescent global self-esteem and career indecisions on the relationship b/w mother and father attachment and self-esteem. The personality and interest are not the only criteria for choosing a career. An individual aptitude and intellectual abilities are equally of great importance. An aptitude is a potential for success in an area after undergoing same training but a layman may define aptitude as a flair for something. The context in which people live, their personal aptitudes, and educational attainment are other things that do influence people’s career …show more content…

Any individual may give the preference to choose a career because of the need of society or his own personal needs. The career choice taken by most of higher secondary school students depend on their socio-economic conditions because of mostly families are not able to teach their children’s in higher institutions. Currently poverty is the main issue entire the world that is facing every less developed country and has played important determining role in the opportunities available to all. The income level of the higher school student’s families is also a main issue in deciding the career choice of the students. Crites (1969), Gambari (1990) and Salami (1997), explained that people choose the occupation because of economic reasons with the aim that these occupations will provide them the appropriate financial rewards in their desire

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