I Am Responding From A Floor Charge Nurse Essay

I Am Responding From A Floor Charge Nurse Essay

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I am responding to the CC question on page 129. In this critical challenge question it asks about a recent interaction I have witnessed, and how, if I were the sender would replay the interaction. Would I replay the situation the same or would I do it differently?
This past week, I have witnessed my nursing supervisor, dismiss an important request from a floor charge nurse in the facility I happen to work at. We have a very high turnover rate of staff in the facility, especially when it comes to CNAs. In my scenario, there was a novice CNA that was working in the unit that I am going to call Sunny Day Unit, which is a long-term dementia unit. Normally there is an assigned CNA that stays on the floor to monitor two high fall risk patients and feed four residents that require extensive assistance with their meals. There was a seasoned CNA and the novice CNA working on the evening shift of that unit.
The supervisor decided that she wanted the novice CNA to stay on the unit to learn the dinner routine of the floor. The seasoned CNA and the floor charge nurses spoke their concerns about leaving someone with very little experience of the floor structure and that there was a risk of a potential fall happening. The charge nurses then express their feelings of wanting the seasoned CNA to stay on the unit instead. The supervisor brushed off the nurse 's concern, and was firm about her decision on keeping the novice CNA in that unit.
The supervisor stated that the novice CNA needed to learn the floor, and that the HR personnel had stated the same request. Well, neither less to say that one of the patients ended up on the floor attempting to turn her roommates light off. Instead of the supervisor acknowledging her mistake of placing someon...

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...with dementia patients in her nursing career. As the supervisor, I would ask first my staff nurse about ways to help the novice CNA on how to be vigilant in keeping the floor safe, or possibly of myself staying in the unit to monitor the floor until the charge nurse returned back to the floor after she finished her dinner med pass.
Communication is the key in patient and staff satisfaction; in any work environment you need to have a two-way communication with staff and an acknowledgment of the work they are doing. One must not be defensive when it comes to communicating with staff even in difficulty situations. We have to utilize our active listening skills, even if we do not agree with what is being said, we must take it into consideration and always reassess the situation and evaluate the best outcome to keep patients safe while providing the best care possible.

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