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Health Promotion Health promotion is the process of improving health status of a person and prevention of disease by enabling the person to take control of their health. It is not just the absence of disease (Maben, & Clark, 1995). Health promotion is commonly used term in health care world, and in current society the promotion of health has greater significance, especially with the rise in consumerism. Health promotion is a vital concept for nursing, symbolizing notions that nursing is related today. Nurses are being urged to take a health promotion role, and are deemed by others as an ideal role for them. It is therefore crucial that nurses cognize the meaning of health promotion and also what is expected from them by undertaking this …show more content…

Health promotion consists of all actions that encourage maximum spiritual, mental and physical functions despite of whether an individual is ill or well. Most of these plans are aimed at bringing positive lifestyle changes (Van Leuven, & Prion, 2007). A major core competency for all NPs is health promotion. Through regular screening, immunizations and counselling, NPs can guide their patients towards the goal of health promotion and disease prevention. As a future NP, my goal is to provide patient-centered, holistic care focusing on health promotion and sickness prevention. I also believe that an understanding of practice models like Pender’s Health Promotion Model will enable me to empower patients to obtain self-efficacy and behavior specific changes. An example of health promotion measures used in my practice area is smoking cessation program. All patients admitted in our hospital are screened for smoking habits upon admission and are offered help. Other examples of health promotion that I can use as an APN include blood pressure screening and managing to prevent heart disease and stroke; Cancer screening; annual physical examination and recommending lifestyle changes, diet modification and …show more content…

By using these concepts appropriate care can be given to our patients. I believe that understanding these basic needs has guided me to provide the best quality care to my patients and enabling them to perform their functions independently. Henderson stresses the significance of health promotion and disease prevention, which will be my main focus while functioning as a nurse practitioner. She also described the role of a nurse as one of the following: substitutive, where nurse does almost everything for the patient; supplementary, where nurse is assisting patient in meeting the needs; or complementary, where nurse and patient work together to meet the needs. All of these roles are to help the patient be in charge of their health (Current, 2012). My values and beliefs are similar that of Henderson in that we both believe in the concepts of health promotion, illness prevention, providing better care to patients by meeting their basic needs and making them as independent as

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