Personal Nursing Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Who I am is a brand new nurse that has entered a different environment of healthcare compared to my previous work of the pharmaceutical industry. I am a person who has always had an interest in helping people, doing amazing things on a daily basis and learning consistently. In efforts to fulfill my interest; I became a nurse through the many obstacles and sacrifices that were faced. To my very core, I am a person of great ambition, empathy, confidence, and value respect. I practice nursing in a hospital environment caring for patients on a medical-surgical floor. How I practice nursing is by providing education to patients, learning the material through experience, carrying out provider orders, taking care of…show more content…
Mary Stewart defines the domain of person in having” the ability to think and conceptualize, the capacity to interact with others, the need for boundaries, and the use of language” (Masters, 2017 pp. 105). I believe the person is the center of the domains within the conceptual model and that they are the receivers of the care. The second domain being environment is the surrounding in which the person domain resides in. Stewart suggests the importance for nurses to look beyond the person but towards the surroundings (Masters, 2017). Reasons to looking beyond the person are because the environment does many times have an influence on the quality of life; with that being said making a difference in a person’s environment can overall create a different outcome. For example, a homeless man who is sick from a cold from having no shelter. Change the environment of that homeless man with a shelter and he has a better chance of not being sick or cold. The third domain being the health domain is a domain that is totally unique and has a subjective meaning depending on the person. One person might describe their health as not being ill but to another having their chronic diabetes under control. There is no one standard of health baseline because everyone’s perception of health is different; so this concept of health is an individualized focused domain of the person’s state. The last domain nursing, Stewart describes the meaning provided by the American Nursing Association as “the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, preventing illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response” (Masters, 2017, pp.106). I believe this final domain is the basis and foundation of nursing, so it is the nurse’s action towards the plan of care to the patient’s health
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