Human Intelligence Isn 't What We Think It Is Essay

Human Intelligence Isn 't What We Think It Is Essay

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What makes different people unique? It is their intelligences. Intelligences make different people unique because they have their own abilities, skills, and learning styles in approaching specific tasks. In the article, “Human Intelligence Isn’t What We Think It Is,” Howard Gardner argues that there are seven forms of intelligences; however since different people have different abilities in which different individuals approach specific tasks, they will not have all those intelligences. Therefore, people cannot judge on other people when they do not have those intelligences. Personally, I believe that I have logical-mathematical, spatial-visual, and intrapersonal intelligences.
First of all, people who have logical-mathematical intelligence are mostly love with the ideas of logic, thinking, and reasoning. In the article, “Human Intelligence Isn’t What We Think It Is,” Howard Gardner describes logical-mathematical intelligence if a person is good at using computers, and that person can become a programmer as his or her job. In addition, these person can also become a mathematician in the future. I believe that I have logical-mathematical intelligence. In a logical intelligence, I prefer to think logically, such as I always wonder how things work when I am fixing something. As an example to describe my experience, whenever I fix kids’ toys, I do not look at the instructions first. On the other hand, I use my logic to think how to fix these because I feel it is more challenging before looking at the instructions first. In the excerpt from the textbook Your College Experience, “Learning Styles,” Steven Blume describes that logical intelligence is almost the same as thinker personality, such as people who have thinker personality, they...

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...rning because it makes a person to understand himself or herself, and it makes a person to learn how to reflect and monitor their own feelings, strengths and weaknesses, and thoughts.
In conclusion, logical-mathematical, spatial-visual, and intrapersonal intelligences do bring me to recognize things that are in this world by using my logic, my visual experiences, and my feelings and thoughts. Every intelligences play an important role in learning because they all contribute to make a person to have unique abilities that are different than other people. I will use these intelligences in the future when I start to find a job as well as I continue my college degrees. I should also try to improve some of the other intelligences rather than staying on these intelligences because if I try other intelligences, maybe I can get a better job that fit me better in the future.

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