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The purpose of this essay will be to discuss whether human nature is good, or evil, or both good and evil, or neither good nor evil. To facilitate the following discussion, human nature here would be defined as the distinguishing characteristics we born with, that we tend to have naturally without the influence of external factors. The definition agrees to Xunzi’s, that nature is what is given by Heaven: one cannot learn it; one cannot acquire it by effort. This essay will explain that the deepest essence of human nature is self-preservation and reproduction, which cannot be truly classified into good or evil. It is followed by how we are diverged to behave goodly or badly, argument against the “good nature theory” and different between self-preservation with greed and aggression.

It is the deepest essence and biology basis for any species to ensure survival, so called self-preservation, which also constitute human nature. Self-preservation is instinctive to keep ourselves both physically and psychologically alive. With this built into the psyche of human, we demand all elements from the external environment that raise our chances to survive. We need nutrient from food, cloth, shelter, sexual love and sense of security. And we would escape from elements reducing our chances to survive, like offence by predators, starving, dehydrating, and any circumstance that cause danger to our life. Reproduction is another human nature which we have to survive for enough periods to pass genes to offspring. However, these two parts of human nature are neither good nor evil.

We usually judge good or evil from one’s behavior. One’s behavior, personality and characteristic are neither innately good nor evil but developed by nurture. Without mor...

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...hieved by knock the fellows down, we become aggressive. If it has to be achieved by cooperating with the fellows, we will be cooperative. The nature of self- preservation is completely different concept with aggression and greed with no direct relationship.

In conclusion, human nature is self- preservation and reproduction, which is neither good nor evil. We are later developed by nurture and diverged to behave good or evil. The essence of all human behavior is the desire to survive and pass genes. Self- preservation can also be applied to people around us. As a result, we learn to cooperate and sometimes we sacrifice ourselves to fulfill survival of the species. On the other hand, to survive is not necessarily harming or getting larger share of resources than others. Self- preservation and reproduction as human nature are neutral, without biasing to good or evil.

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