Howard Gardner's Theory Of Multiple Intelligence

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Multiple Intelligence Toni Ann Irvine Columbia College Multiple intelligence Howard Gardner’s theory contains eight main multiple intelligence. As the years have progressed there have taken one out and is left with the main seven. These seven are: Linguistic, Mathematical, Spatial, bodily, Musical, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal. These are found in everyone; however, each person will excel in one or two. Once teachers can determine what intelligence the students will exceed on and teach to their strengths the student will learn much more. Definition of Learning Mr. Gardner defines it as, [Intelligence is] the ability to solve problems, or to create products, that are valued within one or more cultural settings (Helding, 2009). Learning is a skill acquired by action, it is by being taught, reading or by doing. Once the information that is being comprehended is understood the learning process is complete; however, no one is ever done learning. Prominent Theorists A Harvard graduate, Howard Gardner is a Psychologist who came up with the multiple intelligence. Regarding arts and education, Gardner recounted the curious dearth of literature that obtained at the time …show more content…

I am a very hand on type of learner. I understand and remember much easier if I physically do it. I am one to never sit still for too long. I am a visual person I can remember things more if I see it over and over again. When taking a test I try to close my eyes and visualize what part of the book I saw that question and what was going on at the time to help. When I study or do my work I have to work for a little bit then get up and walk around do something else then refocused on my work. I am a person that touches it and can turn it this way or that, take it apart and put it back together I understand and learn it more. There is always so adventure to go on or something to do, fix, learn, or even just go for a

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