Social And Emotional Intelligence Essay

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Part A: What are social and emotional intelligence? (119 words)
Emotional intelligence has a large amount of number, which in common with social intelligence. Both of them are relevant with perception and understanding of other’s emotion, oneself and act cleverly way in interpersonal relationships. They are mood driver, a neurological and biological state of mind which are the significant key for human relationship, furthermore they are overlapping, interdependent and multidimensional. Additionally, found that most successful people seem to behave wiser in socially and emotionally, for instance, in the workplace and close relationships (Kang,Day, & Meara, 2005). However, each of them contains and focuses on different elements. According to
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Firstly, self-awareness is referring to a person who have a clear cognizance of their personality, including thoughts, motivation, beliefs, weaknesses, strengths and emotions, further this skill allows people to make a better decision (Path way of happiness, 2016). Next, managing emotion, in other word, self-management: handling suffering emotional in an effectual way, moreover knowing how to lead yourself to positive emotions and not falling to negative thought. Furthermore, thirdly, empathy is a significant aspect of emotional intelligence. Following to the research from Cherniss (2000) discovered that most successful people in the workplace and social life having a capability to identify other’s emotions. Lastly, skill-relationship, which is all those three combined together and use it in efficiently way. As a matter of fact, by Goleman (2012), part of human’s brain supports social and emotional intelligence due to the neuroplasticity of the brain has a great influence on repeated experiences that influences to present and future decision. In addition, the executive function helps to manage emotion and helps one’s paying…show more content…
Communication and understanding are vital to its success, an individual responsibility is also significant within a colleague, each person need to be able to sharing a clear information, though, ideas, and feeling, being a good listener, respectful and open-mined to other’s idea and emotions. Additionally, each team members are confidence to ask question to simplify other’s ideas and awareness of other feeling based on nonverbal communication. When a teammate has an open communication, this will lead to healthy atmosphere within the workplace and become more effective. For example, when start working together, it will be more effective if begin with planning together, then indicated clearly who is doing what, similarly to the jigsaw, before started to puzzling it, it is better to know what kind of picture, so it is like knowing the key idea and will be less complex to understand (TheArtmadillo,
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