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One of the biggest questions asked by not only researchers, but everyday people as well, has been the question of what makes we as people human. Being human consists of a complexity of definitions and factors that coexist with one another to make up who we are as people, and through anthropology, being human is studied very carefully in order to provide an answer to this question. Aspects such as language and communication, self-conceptualism, and bipedalism all correlate to what consists of being human, and while some of these can relate to other species, human beings use them in uniquely different ways that enhance our functioning in the world. Anthropologists have researched the complexity of human beings for centuries and throughout this…show more content…
Walking upright on two legs has never been given much thought in my mind, and after the course, it has made me realize just how unique and important that is to us as human beings. However, in our culture, language is so important in communication and being able to get our points across. Every culture is unique, and so is their language, which is so immensely beautiful. Dialects and speech patterns play a big part in language, and it makes each human being unique to their culture. In my personal belief, language is in fact the most important part in being human as in my future career, language and communication will be key. I plan on double majoring in Graphic Communications and International Business and in both fields, communication with social networks, employers, and customers, is very important in holding a professional job. Without communication in these fields, none of the work would be completed and the business would not be able to operate. For humans, without language the world would be a bleak

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