Social Cognitive And Humanistic Theory Essay

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Personality is patterns of thinking, behavior and emotional responses that make up individuality over time. Psychologist attempt to understand how personality develops and its impact on how we behave. Several theories attempt to explain personality, using different approaches. The social-cognitive and humanistic approaches are two of many theories that attempt to explain personality. This essay will identify the main concepts of social-cognitive and humanistic approach, identify perspective differences and discuss approach limitations. Main Concepts The social-cognitive theory suggests that personality consists of learned behaviors and mental processes. The social-cognitive theory emphasizes thoughts, feelings, thinking, values and expectations. …show more content…

From a social-cognitive perspective your environment can change your personality, however, humanistic approach implies and event happens in your life and you apply your free will which defines your personality. The social-cognitive approach emphasizes the importance of cognitive processes, situational influences, observational learning, and self-efficacy while, the humanistic approach emphasizes free will, personal awareness, and psychological growth. The social-cognitive theory explains behavior is guided by cognitions of the world, in contrast, the humanistic approach stresses the importance of free will in explaining behavior. The social-cognitive theory incorporates mostly objective and some subjective information, while, the humanistic approach is more concerned with the subjective experiences of the individual. The social-cognitive perspective does not regard humans a unique. The humanistic approach places a high value on humans and does not believe they are comparable to rats in an experiment. Social-Cognitive approach takes into account biological factors related to cognition. The humanistic approach rejects biological determinism. The social-cognitive theory is grounded in empirical, laboratory research, in contrast, the humanistic viewpoint has no empirical research but assumptions or clinical observations. The main perspective differences between social-cognitive and humanistic perspectives are social cognitive theory believes the interaction between the environment, cognition, and behavior influence personality; and the humanistic theory believes people have free will, individual work and potential to reach

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