How Effective Communication Can Improve Workplace Performance? Essays

How Effective Communication Can Improve Workplace Performance? Essays

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Effective communication happens when a message is given and understood by the receiver. So how effective is communication in the workplace? The article that I have reviewed talks about how effective communication can improve workplace performance because communication links individuals, groups, machines, tasks, authority levels, and functional specializations together. If a supervisor or subordinate cannot effectively communicate, issues may arise and misunderstandings could cause some confusion about what is expected. The more communication between employees and supervisors, the better chance there will be less confusion and misunderstandings. There is a mutual responsibility between the supervisors and employees in bringing about free-flowing interactions. It is not all one the supervisor and it is not all on the employee. The article talks about how organization theories have evolved from human relations models to contingency models of organization where the role of communication in organizational analysis evolved from an emphasis on communication as a means of eliciting cooperation to be broadly construed as relevant to most aspects of organizational functioning (Zimmerman, Sypher, & Haas, 1996). Ideas have continued to influence theorists and some argue that more and better managerial interpersonal communication provides the link between ethical beliefs and workplace behaviors (Zimmerman, Sypher, & Haas, 1996). Some authors emphasize the need for supervisors to exhibit competent interpersonal communication as more communication will increase subordinates’ ethical behaviors (Zimmerman, Sypher, & Haas, 1996). The study has shown that more communication is better has been supported by two interrelated beliefs implicit in the con...

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... informative and shows that communication is very important in the workplace. Studies have shown that effective communication leads to better performance but you have to be careful with some of the information that you receive because it may be gossip or something that has been added in order to make something sound too good. This grapevine could also be a useful source of information for supervisors to find out what is going on and has been considered a better source for information than formal channels of information. There are communication barriers to be mindful of so that the information that is trying to be communicated can be done so without the communication barriers getting in the way. Communication is very important to an organization because communication links individuals, groups, machines, tasks, authority levels, and functional specializations together.

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