Home : My Family Is A Big Part Of Home Essay examples

Home : My Family Is A Big Part Of Home Essay examples

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Home is where my family is, and they make it possible to make home feel like home. It is also a place to relax, have fun, and be with my family. It is a place that I look forward to coming home for the holidays because my family is there. It is really the only time when everyone gets together in one place. My family is very close, so the time we have together is special. I look forward to all the traditions we do for each holiday. Home would not be the same without all of my family
Christmas is a time when family is a big part of home. I get to go home for winter break, my brother comes home from college, my uncle comes for a week, and my grandma comes for a couple of weeks. My brother comes back from the University of Baltimore County in Maryland. My uncle comes from Norwalk, Connecticut which is where I was born. My grandma comes from Cape Cod, Massachusetts which is a very long ride, so she flies. Everyone is off of work or school and finally come together for a week of fun. One of the first things we do is decorate the Christmas tree. The lights get put on the tree by my mom, while my uncle supervises. She is also the organizer and yells at anyone who is putting too many ornaments in one place. When I try to put my ornament with my baby picture front and center on the tree, she is the first one to yell at me, and tell me to take it down. My brother does the same thing, so we constantly battle where to put them. In the end, the ornaments end up randomly placed somewhere around the tree. Everyone puts on their favorite ornaments on the tree, and then we put on all the other ornaments. The last ornament to go on the tree is given to my grandma. The quality control man is my uncle. Once everyone finishes working on the tree, he l...

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...pecial to my meaning of family because it is something that the three of us do together, which brings us closer to each other.
Playing sports in the backyard is how I got into sports in the first place. I played baseball and basketball competitively my whole life as a result of this. Playing these sports in the backyard is how I learned to play these sports. We have been doing this since I was really young. It was also a fun way for me to practice these sports with it feeling like it is not practice because I had so much fun playing. There is nothing else I would rather do then play sports with them.
I would not be where I am today without my family. I can always depend on them no matter what the situation is. I look forward to seeing them when I go home. They make home a place where I always want to be. My definition of home would not be the same without them.

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