Descriptive Essay About Grandparents

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They say grandparents, are the two most favorite people in the world to children. Grandparents are the main characters of your childhood, they are the ones that leave you with the most beautiful memories of your life. Some grandparent’s teach you a very valuable lesson of life, they teach you respect, hard work, family values, and unlimited love. They show you their love in many ways, they say I love you in words as well as actions. Grandparents are the ones that sometimes get you out of trouble and guide you to the correct path. They show you trust, a trust that cannot never be broken. From time to time, I like to look at picture from the past to remember and to learn about my childhood past. Some are even taking before color pictures existed,…show more content…
There was no lawn, but there were four flower planters. The house was painted all white, with the exception of the front door that was painted light green. My grandfather was still young, strong, and full of life, he always had time to play with his grandchildren. Every Sunday he would take us to the park, would buy us ice cream, and take us to Sunday mass. On the day when this picture was taken, we were celebrating my 10th birthday, and I was dancing with my grandfather. I cannot remember the song, but I do remember what he told me while dancing slowly. He said “My little girl” how he used to call me,” in five years you won’t be a little girl, you will become a young lady.” At that moment I could not understand what he meant, but in my mind I was saying “grandpa I will always be your little girl.” While dancing, he made me a promise, “My little girl on your 15th birthday, I will dance the first song with you.” Who would know that he was going to die on my 15th birthday year, he passed away on June 21th, 1987 on Father’s Day. He left me with so many beautiful memories, but the most important was my first dance on my 10th birthday. On the night before my 15th birthday, I went to bed around 10 p.m. I was feeling depressed, because I was only thinking of the promise that my grandfather had made in the past. A promise that in my mind was not going to…show more content…
A promise that left me with a beautiful memory, and up to now I remember as if I am reliving it. My grandpa was the greatest grandfather of all, he always took care of his little girl, and even after being gone for so long he still care. I have no doubt that everyone in the family has a wonderful memory, of the man that played with us. It is hard to forget someone so important in your life, someone that gave everything that he was to make you happy. He was the man that always kept his promise, the promise that change his little girl’s life. My grandpa was a man of his word, full of love for all his grandchildren, especially towards his “Little
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