My Sisters Christmas Eve: My Favorite Time Of The Year

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My life as a Latina woman who stands by the phrase, “Nada es más importante que la familia, nunca olvides de eso”, these words are repeated every single day. It specifically means, “nothing is more important than family, never forget that.” It is one of my parent’s life lesson that has kept the family united and stronger. These magical words will stick with me forever. Being one of the youngest of four sisters, I have always understood the feeling of power when we are together because it advises us and others that nothing and no one will ever come in between us. Nobody ever feels lonely because of the amount of love we give to each other. Memories are the only thing that still keeps reminding me of the importance of family.

My sisters
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The whole family comes together for this special holiday. We have so many traditions of that particular day. When I was a child in the month of December, every morning my father would put Christmas songs in my room. The very first song that he would play is ,“It’s the Most Wonderful time of the Year” this song gives me joy to this present day. I would wake up to this song and find my dad in the living room waiting for a dance, he would spin me what felt like endless. On that afternoon, my mother and I would start making delicious tamales and posole while my dad is making his famous dessert, cheesecake. Then on that cold and dark night my sisters dressed up my dad in a Santa costume and sent him to the roof. I was in disbelief when I saw “Santa” on my roof. My parents would remind me that I was the happiest girl in the world that night. They would say that my eyes were wide and my mouth was open the whole time “he” was up there. It was never about the presents that would await for me in Christmas morning, it was about the whole family being together and having a fun time. Which we did and I still continue to understand that. My father made that special day just for
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