Comparing Thanksgiving and Christmas

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When I was younger, the two holidays I looked forward to were always Thanksgiving and Christmas. This time of the year always is the happiest because everything feels so refreshing because I am spending quality time with the people I love most. When it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I always seem to have the most memorable good and bad moments. These holidays have very different meanings but have the same feeling because it symbolizes, good food, good times with family and a whole lot of drama. When I think about Thanksgiving and Christmas, the first thought that comes to mind is the good food. Every year my family and I prepare many homemade dishes to celebrate the holidays. For Thanksgiving, my family and I will go all out the way in preparing dinner. We will actually start preparing the food two days in advance, so we can make sure that we have everything is prepared. The food is traditional with Thanksgiving, turkey, ham, collard greens, yams, stuffing, egg nog, cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie. For Christmas, my family does not prepare as much food as we do ...

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