The Heart, Head, And Hand Of Leadership Essay

The Heart, Head, And Hand Of Leadership Essay

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Thomas Sergiovanni (2015) describes three essential dimensions of leadership as “the heart, head, and hand of leadership.” The heart describes those characteristics within the school leader that reflect personal “beliefs, values, and dreams.” The head of leadership refers to the practice of teaching and educating. The hand of leadership reflects actions taken by school leaders with respect to management behaviors. (p. 5) Within these elements, there is room for personal choice in how leadership is practiced and it is incumbent on new principals to find an individual leadership style that responds to the uniqueness of each school.
1. Describe Principal Pettis’ Heart
Principal Pettis believes in strong academic programs that address the needs of higher achieving students. She values Tri-State High School’s reputation for student achievement in honors and advanced placement classes. In an ongoing effort to maintain Tri-State’s reputation for academic excellence, Principal Pettis was determined to attract and retain high quality teachers in all the advanced placement disciplines. Additionally, a large majority of these teachers earned advanced degrees and national certifications.
It is evident from Principal Pettis’ own professional development in areas of academic rigor that she is dedicated to meeting the needs of higher achieving students. Her vision of academic success has earned her the opportunity to present to other educators methods of developing effective honors and advanced programs.
Due to a change in the state evaluation process, Principal Pettis must face the reality of her heart of leadership. The achievement of underserved populations became part of the evaluation instrument used to identify successful schools. Pr...

... middle of paper ...

... Principal Pettis practiced the Management of Learning Communities or Management of Collaboration. However, there is no evidence to suggest that she empowered teachers or supported any innovation other than with respect to the advanced academics. Additionally, Principal Pettis did not practice the Management of Reflection until she was faced with the outcry of parents demanding accountability.
Tri-State High School enjoyed national ranking and a reputation for excellent advanced academics. With that must have come some successful management techniques, areas where Principal Pettis excelled. This is evidenced by her invitations to speak about success in her school. The lesson learned is that the principal is the principal of the entire school and as such must seek to provide the best educational opportunities for all students with a commitment to equity and service.

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