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Did you know that there were over 2,000 gods and goddesses in Ancient Egypt? Some gods had the body of a human and the head of an animal. When I read that, I was shocked! I would’ve never guessed that there would be so many gods in Egypt. In addition, I found the idea of an animal head stuck to a human body disgusting! I just didn’t believe this, so I decided to find out for myself.
The Ancient Egyptian were polytheistic most of the time, which means that they believed in multiple gods. When Akhenaten was pharaoh, the Egyptians were monotheistic, meaning they worshiped only one god. He ended the worship of other gods and claimed that Aten, the lord of all was the only god in Egypt. The Egyptians didn't like this idea, so on their own, they changed back to being polytheistic.
In Egypt, worshiping the gods was a huge part of their life. The Ancient Egyptians worshiped gods for several reasons, one being that the gods were often the ones who made sure Egypt was running smoothly. Also, the Egyptians usually depended on the gods for good crops, the win in a war, to help in a crisis, or any other help needed. Some gods were worshiped in large temples by the pharaohs and priests while other gods were worshiped in people’s own homes.

Some gods were shown with a human body, and a head of an animal. Most of time, the animal and the god have something in common. For example, Anubis, the god of Embalming, is represented with the head of a jackal because of its habits. One of the main reasons the Egyptians even made a mummification god was because the jackals often wandered around the tombs and graves. They didn’t want the jackals bothering the dead while they were in their afterlife, and preserving the body would prevent it from decayi...

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...l man killed her husband and was trying to steal her money. Seth was outraged by this and insisted that the evil man should die and that her son should inherit the money. He had been tricked, he himself had said that he should give up the throne. Isis's magical skills were very useful and were known very well in Egypt. She was also famous for being the most loving wife and mother.

As you can see, Ancient Egyptians believed in thousands of gods. Without the gods their lives would be miserable, or they would have no lives at all! The gods gave them water from the Nile, sunlight, beauty, and the basic things a person needs and wants. The gods were important and useful in their lives. The history of every god was interesting because it was unique and very detailed. I was amazed by some of their abilities. I hope I have more opportunities to study Egypt in the future.

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