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    Executive Summary Egypt today can be a viable market for the foreign investor, especially the investor who has the ability to see the rewards of in investing in the region for the long haul. The world and Egypt both realize that the region is the gateway to the Middle East. Egypt is leading the way for Arabic countries to embrace a new way of doing business and opening their borders to the ‘global village’ concept. Size of Market The Arab Republic of Egypt is located in Northern Africa and borders

  • The Ancient Egypt Egypt In Egypt, Egypt And Egypt

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    The Ancient Egyptians Egypt, a country located in Northern Africa was once home to one of the oldest civilizations, known as the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians referred to their country as the “Black Land”, because of the rich, dark soil where cultivation of crop and settlement first began along the Nile River. For thousands of years the Egyptians thrived, known for their knowledge in arts, science, technology, and religion. The Egyptian culture was popular and influenced other ancient civilizations

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    Egypt Egypt is a Middle Eastern country located in the northeast corner of Africa. A small part of Egypt, called the Sinai Peninsula, is located in Asia. Deserts cover most of Egypt, so it gets little rain, but the longest river in the world, the Nile River, flows through the desert and is key to living for many Egyptians. Almost all of Egypt’s population, about 99%, is located near the Nile or along the Suez Canal, another body of water important to Egyptian life, although together they cover only

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    "Egypt" -Egypt is located in the North East part of Africa. More than 90% of Egypt is desert. Only a very small portion of the population does not live along the Nile Valley and the Delta. Without the Nile River Egypt would be little more than a desert. Egypt has a hot season from May to September and a cool season from November to March. Egypt has very extreme temperatures year round. In the coastal region of Egypt, average annual temperatures range from a maximum of 99 degrees F, to a minimum of

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    happening in North Africa and Eastern Asia. This is now known as the "Arab Spring". The "Arab Spring" was a series of demonstrations, riots, and protests that occurred in several Arab nations. Specifically in 2011 there were serious upheavals all over Egypt to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak, then the Armed Forces rule, and then the Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohamed Morsi. The unique element of this revolution unlike any in early history is the fact that social media plays a huge role in the support

  • History Of Egypt

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    Egypt is a large country in the Middle East that spans over two continents. Politically Egypt has vastly changed over the years from the pharaohs to the democratic government currently in place. Their rich culture, has given the world some of the greatest archaeological finds known to man, from the Thebes to the Valley of Kings. They maintain the largest military in the entire Middle East that is currently trying to maintain order in a country that is still in the middle of a revolution. A revolution

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    the younger generations. This integration allows people in a society to live and think in ways forming definite, repeating patterns. (FM 3-24, p. 3-6) As people interact and form different views and societal norms, the culture adapts and evolves. Egypt is predominantly desert, with about 35,000 square kilometers of area, however only about 3.5 percent of that land area is settled or cultivated. (Metz 96) There are four distinct areas of geographical importance within the country. The Nile Valley

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    Egypt The majority of people have various ways of viewing cultures. Because of close-mindedness and lack of cultural education, people have a difficult time interacting with different societies. I feel that people shouldn't stereotype because this might lead to misjudgment. For example, I have personally experienced this type of stereotyping of my Egyptian culture. Although people view Egypt as a plain desert with camel riders, my experience from living there shows Egypt to be a developing civilized

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    Egypt 2 Egypt is a very important trade country to its surroundings. Egypt has one of the most interesting rivers in the world called the Nile River. Its is three hundred and eighty-six thousand square miles four times the size of the British Isles. (Wilkins Frances 1999.). Approximately the size of Texas and New Mexico put together There year of independence is 1922. (Worth & El-Naggar 2010) There highest point of elevation is Mount Catherine of two thousand six hundred and twenty-nine meters.

  • Napoleon in Egypt

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    When first looking at the Chronicle of the French Occupation, it looks as if it is merely a depiction of Napoleon's time in Egypt, however there is much more to this article than meets the eye. The article being written by an Egyptian and not a European provides an alternative viewpoint to the events that happened in Egypt as opposed to the accounts that have been read and taught by Europeans. Although the article is a different perspective it does show strong cultural bias and ethnocentrism towards