Mythology In Ancient Egyptian Mythology

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Egyptians were an astounding set of people woe helped shaping their culture and the rest of the world with the lack of modernized tools. This is translated through their arts, architecture and culture, thus guiding and building the foundation for contemporary society. In terms of history, Egyptians were and still are filled with a vast amount of history which has also contributed with the development unique and diverse society. Their development of religion and culture can be dated back to ancient times and is seen through their various ways of storytelling which has been passed onto generations. These forms of storytelling can be seen ancient Egyptians mythology. Mythology played an important role in ancient Egyptian history because it provided…show more content…
During ancient Egypt civilization was centralized around the Nile river because it provided the ancient Egyptians with fertile land for vegetation. One particular myth that embraces all these aspect is the Osiris and Isis myth. Osiris myth is a very detailed and influential story in ancient Egyptian mythology. It details the murder of the predominant god Osiris during his rule over Egypt. Osiris and Isis myth deals with ancient Egyptian myth encompassing creation, death, and the civilization of ancient Egyptian around the Nile river. This myth has provided future generations an insightful look of Egypt’s past history such as mummification, due to its many factors that helps guide the…show more content…
During his time of rule Egyptian had very barbaric characteristics. He is believed to have taught the Egyptian the way of agriculture and how to worship gods. However, with the conflict faced between Seth and Osiris he also became the god of the afterlife. After his time of rule, the book of the dead became a very important piece of history for the people of ancient Egypt, especially when it pertained to the idea of the afterlife. The book of the dead was “a collection of spells and illustrations written on a papyrus roll” (Taylor 5). The purpose of the book of the dead was a guide for the journey through the netherworld. “The Book of the Dead describes the “Weighing of the Heart” ritual. During this ritual, … a tribunal of 43 deities judged the behavior of the dead” (Ancient Egypt). Based upon their religion and the emphasis put upon life after death, Egyptians dedicated time for their journey in the
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