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Thesis statement: In this research, I will investigate the basic concepts of the Egyptian mythology and its gods.

I. Mythology
A. Definition
B. History

II. Egyptian Creation Myths
A. Heliopolitan Tradition
B. Hermoplitan Ogdoad
C. Memphite Theology

III. Worshipping
A. Beliefs
B. Rituals
C. Temples

IV. Gods and Goddesses
A. Good
B. Evil
C. Responsibilities

V. Conclusion

Egypt is one of the oldest and most complex civilizations of the world. Their religion and beliefs are fascinating and have been a mystery for centuries. Even today, there are some things that we still do not understand. In this research, I will investigate the basic concepts of Egyptian mythology and its gods.
Mythology is defined as a collection of interrelated stories of a given culture. Myths are intended to explain and describe the mysteries of nature and give understanding about the world that surrounds us. Each culture has their own mythology that reflects their values and beliefs. Myths were also generated to tell the story of the first people to inhabit the earth. The Egyptian mythology elevated these people to the level of Gods and Goddesses by giving them supernatural and special powers. These myths of creation were passed from one generation to the next, either orally or by hieroglyphs painted in sacred temples, pyramids, and sanctuaries.
Ancient Egyptians tried to understand their place in the universe. This is why their mythology is centered on nature such as the earth, sky, moon, sun, stars, and the Nile River. There are many Egyptian myths of creation, but the Heliopolitan Tradition, Hermopolitan Ogdoad, and the Memphite Theology are the most commonly used. They all have some common elements and gods. For example, many of t...

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... was allowed to pass through the gates of Yaru and into the after-life, but if the heart weighed more than the feather, the heart was consumed by the devourer to be gone forever.
In conclusion, Ancient Egypt has a very complex religion and beliefs that would be considered bizarre in many parts of the world. They believed in many gods, some took part in the creation of the universe. Others brought the flood every year, offered protection and took care of people after they died. The ancient Egyptians thought that it was important to recognize and worship the gods because they represented the peace and harmony across the land.


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