Essay on Gender Inequality Within The Workplace

Essay on Gender Inequality Within The Workplace

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Throughout history, discrimination in all forms has been a conflict; whether it is religion, beliefs, gender or anything that makes a person different from the other. One of the biggest discrimination is occurring at the workplace. Women, who are as equal trained and educated and with the same experience as men are receiving less money for the same job and amount of hours. The gender wage gap is the difference between male and females income, that often makes women less than men in the workplace. In 1963, The Equal Pay Act was endorsed, allowing men and women who work in the same job and the same amount of hours get paid equally. In other words, making gender inequality in the workplace illegal. In 1950s, women just earned around 60 cents for every dollar earned by men. However, by 1990, almost 40 years later, the rate had increased to 72 cents for every dollar earned by men. Even though there has been an increase in wage for women in the last five decade, the inequality between men and women had continue in the work place. Factors such as discrimination, the careers women choose and the gift of being a mother are playing an important role on the wage gap inequality.
An article titled, America 's Working-Woman Problem- and How to Fix It by Matt Zeitlin argues that the rise of women to a higher position in the workplace and society has great impact, however, women still being seen as minority in society. According to a recent study done by student graduated from Harvard Business School in 1995, “ Women earned $115,000 on average the year after school, and $250,000 nine year out, while men earned $130,000 on average graduation and $400,000 nine years out”, (2). The gap in average wages between men and women workers has been...

... middle of paper ... and Le Bon present, “ women had slightly larger brains than men. Women, she concluded, were intellectually superior, but men had prevailed heretofore by dint of physical force” (3). As stated before, society has create or give specific characteristic to humans, women are seeing more sensitible and men are seeing more strong. Therefore, women does not earn less money because she is not smart enough to compete with a men but because of discrimination in the workplace.
It is important to point out that gender wage gap cannot be explained with the skill and intelligence a person has in the work place but there is a gender discrimination that at this point seeings not to end. The gender wage gap does not only affect women, but also those children who are with their nanies at home because their mom has to work more that fourty hours per week to mainting themselves.

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