Functions Of A Service App Essay

Functions Of A Service App Essay

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Role as service app, SuitYourself come to solve the limitations on online shopping such as the disadvantage with online retailing eyewear, whereby the consumers unable to judge whether the products would suit their face shape properly. Consumers were encouraged to use the online shopping methods due its practicality. Hence, SuitYourself app will build customer satisfaction through providing user’s face shape with the eyewear illustrate through the apps and selling/distributing accurate products to the users.

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In nowadays market, online and retail market both have become increasingly sophisticated and originate distinctive services or products. However, with truly outstanding services, many companies are struggling to gain profitable relationship between the products and the mass market. Nevertheless, with suitable component of distribution channel it will help companies to sustain and prominent in the market. Distribution channels are systems of organizations that include the various process of making products or services available for use or consumption.

Through SuitYourself, visions to deliver satisfaction and efficient relationship to both parties like the consumers and the eyewear online retailing brand. SuitYourself is mission by developing the technology advantages as a service app that will help the transaction process of the eyewear business and consumers. Towards the goals, there are several potentials distributions or selling alternatives that the company could practices.
The Internet now influences an estimated 42% of total retail sales, some 97% web-goers now use the Internet to research products before making purchases. By one estimate, ...

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... legally binding contracts, it must contain four essential elements, such as: an offer, an acceptance, an intention to create a legal relationship, and a consideration that usually term based on money.
SuitYourself contracts may follow a structure that includes the following items:
• Details of the parties to the contract, including any sub-contracting arrangements.
• Duration or period of the contract.
• Definitions of key terms used within the contract.
• A description of the products or services that the business will receive or provide.
• Profits, payment details and dates.
• Key dates and milestones.
• Required insurance and indemnity provisions.
• Guarantee provisions, including director’s guarantee.
• Damages or penalty provisions.
• Renegotiation or renewal options.
• Complaints and dispute resolution process.
• Termination conditions.
• Special conditions. 

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