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Industry Description History operates in the Online Retail Industry. The sector is one of the fastest growing globally and is outperforming the ordinary retail marketplace. It was created after 1995 and it was only the Internet that made it possible for such an industry not only to be established but to become one of the most flourishing sectors in the business environment. What is interesting is that, together with eBay is the pioneer in the field. Both companies were launched in 1995 and are still extremely successful. The creation of e-mail in 1996 had a huge impact on the development of online retail by introducing a fast and easy way to communicate with customers. For this two-year period Internet usage doubled annually, thus, allowing for the expansion of the industry. Google is launched a year later, in 1998, only to become the most used search engine in the world and an essential partner for the online retailers by helping them tailor their websites to customer’s personal preferences and by advertising. After that, more and more people see the opportunity in the growing industry and enter it. By 2001 there are more than 513 million Internet users globally, which calls for action in terms of creating regulations and laws to protect the users and personal property. In 2003, Apple launches iTunes, and provides a platform for low-cost digital downloads. Another major change is the appearance of social media from 2004, which is one of the biggest influencer on the state of the industry. With the launch of iPhone in 2007, this trend strengthens as people get to enjoy the Internet anywhere they want to. From then on, technological advancements have made it extremely easy and fun to shop online, making it ... ... middle of paper ... ...10.html Fortune 500. “eBay.” CNN Money. May 20, 2013. Web. Kenney Paul, Alison. “2014 Retail Industry Outlook.” The Wall Street Journal. Jan 7, 2014. Web. “Netflix, Inc.” Yahoo! Finance. 2014. Web. Reportlinker. “Online Retail: Global Industry Guide.” Yahoo! Finance. Sep 23, 2013. Web. Rueter, Thad. “U.S. E-commerce to Grow 13% in 2013.” InternetRetailer. March 13, 2013. Web. Vinnitskaya, Irina. ”Amazon’s Siattle Headquarters.” Arch Daily. Sep 10, 2012. Web.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that operates in the online retail industry, which is one of the fastest growing globally and outperforming the ordinary retail marketplace.
  • Describes amazon as an american international electronic commerce company founded in 1994 and headquartered in seattle, washington. the company has grown and made its way to fortune 100 companies.
  • Explains that amazon's primary source of revenues is sales of wide range of products and services. the company is mostly a reseller that offers the products of other companies to customers.
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