Target Corporation Competitive Analysis Essay

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Target Corporation
Target Corporation is the biggest discount retailing business in the US which comes just after Wal-Mart Stores Inc. The headquarters are located in Minneapolis in Minnesota in the USA. George Dayton founded it. It initially started as a family business with a regional retailer shop and later grew into a national full retailer store. The company’s main aim is to offer retail services at friendly rates and, its main attracting feature is discount rates offed on different products in the business. The company has indicated tremendous growth in the retail business. It has a target to outgrow its market and achieve competitive advantage over its competitors. This essay seeks to discuss the competitive analysis and
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The company had to be the second largest retailer shop in the US; it has many advantages that come along. The customers well acknowledge the company and its brand have been well established.
Due to the good establishment of the business, it has huge market national. The company has therefore opened many retail shops and stores all over the country to ensure that their products are accessible to the customers. The entity provides a favorable environment, and many clients view the place as a fun shopping place to be. The retailer has targeted a big pool of customer because of the variety of products it sells. The stores products vary from kitchen goods, jewelry, and electronics clothes to hardware
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Target Corporation has indicated a significant increase in the number of years it has been operational. The company experienced important changes in growth when it transformed from a regional store to a national retailer.
We also focus on product life-cycle of the business goods. The stages the product undergoes from manufacturing packaging until the final stage where it focuses on time, cost and revenue generated. In the initial stage of the product, promotion is done to create awareness of the product. In this juncture profits are not a big concern of the company.
The next step is the growth stage. In this stage product growth is monitored and big investments are made. Maturity stage the growth of the outputs is significant. For the company to ensure product survival in the market and gain a competitive advantage over competitors it has to incorporate product differentiation. The final stage involves product decline stage. In this juncture product sale goes down and the product identification
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