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The Four Nursing Of Nursing Essay example

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The Four Metaparadigms of Nursing
The first defining concept of the metaparadigm of nursing is the patient also known as, the human being or persons (Butts, 2015). This concept is the reason for nursing. Individuals as a whole experience wellness and illness at some point in their lifespan and seek out medical care. Nursing is defined by providing care for individuals and assisting them in meeting their health care needs. The patient should be the center of all care provided. Each patient is different and requires individualized care. Health care should focus specifically on individual needs and incorporate the patient’s thoughts and ideas. Each patient must be at the center of their own care and educated by nursing to be proactive in maintaining or obtaining health and wellness. This requires the nursing aspect to assess and form a relationship with each patient to ensure they are aware of environmental and social issues that may affect the patient’s health. According to Manley and Marriot (2011), patient centered care includes, “a philosophy that centres care on the person and not only their health care needs” (p.35). It also entails, understanding the patient, assisting them with informed decision making, providing patient specific information, offering support and also continuous evaluation of the patient’s progress (Manley and Marriot, 2011). It is imperative when practicing nursing to recognize the patient as the center of their practice and to provide a holistic approach to providing care. This includes realizing ones means of affording their medications and also considering religious beliefs regarding taking medications when educating a patient.
The next concept used to define nursing is the concept of ...

... middle of paper ... for the patient. The nurse administers medications and monitors the patient while respiratory administers treatments and obtains labs like an arterial blood gas and also medical imaging techs obtain chest images of the patient. In addition, lab technicians collected and perform lab tests the physician is required to interpret. Finally, the pediatrician is consulted for admission and further management of the patient care. Access to each individual ensures the patient receives the best of care from all areas and specialties. This, in turn, guarantees the patient receives optimum care and further ensures the patient will have the best possible outcome. Also practicing as a nurse practitioner will require utilization of collaboration with other specialist and interdisciplinary teams to ensure patients receive all the necessities to improve and maintain their health.

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