Essay on The Etruscans Set the Stage for Future Civilizations

Essay on The Etruscans Set the Stage for Future Civilizations

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The Etruscans were a fascinating civilization located in the city of Rome. Although they are practically unheard of in present day, they set the stage for all future civilizations ahead of them. While we do not have many remains of their culture, the few that we have give us an insight on to what life was like living in an Etruscan city. Cerveteri, also known as Caere, was an Etruscan metropolis located just outside Rome. It was thought to be home to around 25,000 people in 600 BCE. During the 7th century, Cerveteri went through a brisk economic advancement, causing it to become one of the main trading centers. Throughout this time, the artwork of the Etruscans began to mimic the Grecian style. Ornate vases, stylized fresco paintings, and bucchero became popular at this time. Bucchero was known for it’s shiny black surface and the predominance of figures that iminate metals. These periods in Etruscan history became known as the Orientalizing and the Archaic periods. But even though the Etruscans were very skilled in the ways of artistry, they neglected to keep written records of their history. The only written history of the Etruscans is by the Greeks and Romans, however, they can be a bit misleading since they are written by people that were not a part of their society. Because of the lack of accurate historical documents, we must rely on archeological finds. Even this has proved difficult, since the Etruscan cities have always been populated. Historians and archaeologists rely on the ceramics, bronze work, tombs and cemeteries to tell us about the culture of the Etruscans.
In the 19th century, the Tomb of Reliefs was found by Marquis Campana. This was one of the most informative discoveries on Etruscan burial rituals that has ...

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...nderworld, was one of the popular deities depicted leading the chariot. Etruscan tombs were placed underground because they would, essentially, become the underworld. The entrance to a tomb became the door to the land of the dead. In this particular tomb, the entrance is guarded by lions, who watched over the the tomb. In the center of the tomb lies an image of Cerberus, the three headed dog, guardian of the underworld. Cerberus was a typical subject of interest in ancient Greek literature and artwork, and this belief lasted until the later Roman era. Besides Cerberus, the tomb also has a relief carving of a Scythian Dracaena. These were monsters from Greek mythology that had the body of a woman from the waist up, but the lower portion was of a dragon-serpent mix or a Drakon. Above these reliefs lies a carved bed of sorts, complete with pillows carved out of stone.

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