Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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College athletes should be paid because of the hard work, dedication and effort they put into their respective sports. These athletes are a major source of income for their schools and they are not receiving a penny for it. These college athletes deserved to be paid, colleges are using these athletes to get money and they are never given anything but a pat on the back and a good job. College athletes work and train extremely hard to perform at the highest level possible. In most cases, they spend more time training and preparing for their sport than they actually do learning and studying. They put so much on the line to play and they get nothing in return. These college athletes literally make their schools millions of dollars every single year off of things like ticket sales and selling player merchandise. They can use these athletes for anything they want to while they are still enrolled in their sports program and that athlete is not allowed to accept any form of payment for what he contributed to that particular program and are given crazy looks when they even ask for it. Sports are an enormous source of income for many different colleges around the country and help keep these colleges afloat. Sports generate millions every single year, but where is all this money going if it is not going toward paying these athletes? There are many people out there that believe that college athletes should not be paid because they are called to be a student first and an athlete second (Farrey). There are an ample amount of people and articles that suggest that paying college athletes is unfair and that they do not deserve to be compensated for their contributions to their respective schools. These people argue that these athletes and “st... ... middle of paper ... ...Why Student-Athletes Are Employees And Should Be Allowed To Unionize. 30 January 2014. 10 March 2014. . Howe, Jeff. Bradley Roby says scholarships aren't enough, college athletes should get paid. 23 February 2014. 10 March 2014. . Mitrosilis, Teddy. AJ McCarron: 'I truly believe college athletes should be paid'. 29 January 2014. 10 March 2014. . Shoemaker, Christina. College Athletes. 17 November 2013. 10 March 2014. .
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