Personal Opinion Essay: College Athletes Should be Paid

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A few hours passed and it was approaching 12:00: game time. As I was getting my equipment on, all the possible things that could go wrong flashed threw my head. As I finish putting on my pads and other equipment, I heard a voice from behind me, "Just stay focused man, and play like you have been.” It was RJ, trying to help me focus and give me motivation. Walking into that dark tunnel with the light at the end is like an exhilarating wave of nerves and excitement. Approaching the end of the tunnel, all I could hear was the crowd screaming and yelling. From there on, as we ran onto the field, another person took over, and I didn't know the outcome of what was about to happen.
As I looked at the scoreboard all I was focusing on was the running clock…25...24...23...22... "One last play and this things over" I said to my teammates in the huddle. "The easiest play in all of football baby!" RJ exclaimed to me. 18…17…16...15 I ran up to the line, a sigh over relief came over me. I knew I did it again. "HIKE!" And all I had to do was take a knee. 12... 10.... 8... 6...4...2...1. Game over, 55-49. In my head all I could think about was the MVP of the game: ME.
Cocky and rude I tended to be after a game like that. I guess that got to me. Coming out of the locker room I was greeting by twice as many reporters and cameras as before. They were asking me questions about the game, the future of my life, and that word again, "Heisman". I answered all their questions in the most unhumble way possible. I thought I was the king at that point. Just as the last reporter and camera was out of my face a very sketchy and weird man came inching towards me. He approached me and whispered in my ear "You wanna make money fast and easy?" At first I was confus...

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...ucation. Isn’t that what a college is, an educational destination. While all these arguments create different views on the topic, they keep on repeating the same things over and over again.
College athletes work non stop to play professionally, when it reality most wont, but these college athletes should be compensated from the millions of dollars colleges make. It is understandable that they will receive payment when the go to the next level, but while they are in college they either need to set up a trust fund or receive direct payment from the big business that the NCAA is. They are commonly referred to as the “cartel.” (Louis Barbash). They receive this alias because they are in charge and have a lot in decisions colleges make. College athletes receive so much attention and bring so much to their schools that they should receive payment one way or another.

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how rj's voice helped them focus and motivate them to play like they'd been. walking into the dark tunnel with the light at the end is like an exhilarating wave of nerves and excitement.
  • Narrates how they looked at the scoreboard all they was focusing on was the running clock. "one last play and this things over," rj exclaimed to them.
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