Pros And Cons For College Athletes

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Paid Like Pros? It seems to be a very popular notion to argue that college athletes should be paid just like pro athletes. College athletes put in hours on end for practice, games, and they bring in money for the school. Many fans of the sport spend money on tickets for games, merchandise, and when betting on the games. Television broadcasting alone of college sports have soared to nearly $2 billion a year (Koba, 1). The biggest argument is that college athletes should be paid because they generate so much money for the schools they represent. The amount of money big colleges bring in every year is staggering. Why shouldn’t they be compensated for their efforts when so much money is being made? And are they really making money though, or are they actually losing money? However, with most to all college athletes having their college tuition paid for, what greater reward could they ask for than a free education? This argument has been trying to settle people’s minds with coming to a conclusion of whether or not the athletes should be paid. Many people love college athletics because it is just that: college athletics. The bidding on March Madness made more money than bids that were placed on the Super Bowl this past year. People love to watch young stars develop into the greater athletes that they are capable of being. The amateurism of college sports is why so many people are drawn to it. If the athletes were to be paid, it would forever change the organization and how it’s run. College athletes are amateurs, not professionals; therefore they should not be paid. This issue appeals to anyone who is a fan of college sports. The fan base of collegiate sports has grown so widely since the NCAA first started out. The NCAA was founded in... ... middle of paper ... ...want to be professionally, and if college athletes were to be paid, they won’t have that fight in them anymore that fans love so much. They may be putting in a lot of their time and efforts, but with their college education being paid for, this should be seen as their greatest reward. I think a lot of people forget that many college athletes have full rides to attend school, and they receive many perks being an athlete that many others do not. College isn’t very cheap, and you would be considered very lucky by many to have your schooling paid for. Being able to attend college without having to worry about how you’re paying for it or what you have to do to pay for is the greatest reward they will ever receive. After viewing all the sides, I feel that this issue is a lost cause. The NCAA wouldn’t be the organization it is today if the athletes were receiving a salary.

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