Essay Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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College sports have grown over the years, earning billions of revenue every year. However, what may seem surprising is that the athletes involved do not get a single penny earned from the revenue. These college sports require tremendous time and determination due to long hard practices along with rigorous course works. And due to the lack of time, athletes don’t often have the time for part time jobs that allow them to earn money to buy things they need or want for their personal life. Therefore, college athletes have every right to be paid for their hard work.
One reason that college athletes should be paid is because they earn their revenue that is distributed to coaches and colleges they represent. And is it not unusual to not even receive a little percentage of it. Major college sports earn around $11 billion dollars according to Marc Edelman who is an associate professor of law at Zicklin School of Business. According to Edelman, colleges that partake in college sports can earn up to $100 million in revenue. This revenue is used for paying coaches, college campus, and etc. This distribution of money is not wrong and has good intention. However, colleges spend too much on their expenses and don’t recognize the efforts of the athletes. For example, according Marc …show more content…

A college athlete usually practices his/her sport nearly 40 hours a week according to Alexander LaCasse. Other sources such as Business Insider show college athletes practice for about 45 hours a week. An average adult with a typical job works the same amount of hours as these athletes practice for the sports. Besides these practice hours, they also have to keep up with the course works in order to get good grades in class to paly these sports. This seem like they have twice the workload than an average student. Consequently, they should be receiving more as they deserve

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