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I Hitesh Gollahalli Bachanna, a graduate student from the New Jersey institute of technology, seek admission into the Managing Information Technology program from your University. The following is the enclosure of my statement of purpose.

Learning is a process with no defined ends and the thirst for knowledge only increases as we acquire more. After successfully achieving a graduate degree, I now have zeal to excel in managerial skills and learn the art of administration. In this fast paced world I believe to be more equipped to face the challenges that the job front poses, what better way to self-equip than learning something I am passionate about.


The infinite and wide area of knowledge in the field of computer science is what fascinates me the most to the subject. Passing out of the portals of school I harbored in me a sense of inquisitiveness towards technology, coming from the IT capital of India it was not long before the stream of computer science swayed me through. I completed a two year intermediate college and got admitted into Sambhram Institute of Technology for my Bachelors of engineering program in computer science.

The final semester of my undergraduate program introduced me to a research project. The objective of the work done by me was to reduce the congestion of data transfer in routers. To achieve this, a technique was evolved in which data transfer occurs at maximum speed hence reducing congestion. In this technology savvy world the humungus amount of data transfer led to server congestion which could be reduced by the project work undertaken. This preliminary exposure to the practicality of my subject and the hands on experience inspired me to dwell deeper into my ...

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... textual data but practical exposure.
The MBA program at the SULLIVIAN UNIVERSITY with its well-planned curriculum and excellent faculty will be the best place for me to excel in my pursuit of a quality higher education program.

I aspire to be well equipped to face all challenges in the job front head-on and in achieving this goal a degree from your esteemed university would strengthen my knowledge and skills. I believe in updating and upgrading myself and this degree would upgrade me and give me the encouragement to even start up small business ventures. Having a work experience provided me with the practical exposure needed in my sector and this experience encourages me to plunge deeper into the ocean of knowledge which only assures a brighter future for me in my chosen domain. Looking forward for a positive response from the selection committee.
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