MBA Accounting Graduate School Application Letter

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I am an ambitious young Saudi with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia. I seek admission to (name of university) to attend the MBA Accounting program as a means to achieve my goals. Such goals are to attain the necessary tools so I may initiate my career as an Accountant at one of Saudi Arabia’s largest corporations and utilize my specialized academic education through my position, while continuing to pursue my professional and personal development for the benefit of both the organization and the attainment of my own professional ambitions. I believe that my enthusiasm, determination and dedication to achieve such goals can be maximized by attending your program. Saudi Arabia, although one of the richest nations in world, is home to a significant percentage of unemployed citizens. While the young generation in my country is energetic and ambitious to work, the reality is that they face social, economic, and developmental challenges, in addition to outdated labor regulations, all of which may prevent them from attaining fruitful careers or becoming effective employees. Such an observation was the biases of my decision to major in Human Resources Management upon commencing my high school studies with ambitions to address such issues through my future career. As a young undergraduate, I attempted to prove myself as a hardworking student by attending my courses focused and well prepared, and conducting my assignments as required. Through my undergraduate studies, I was fortunate to participate in several student and voluntary activities. Furthermore, determinant to acquire relevant practical experience, I trained and worked at several establishments applying my theoretical ed... ... middle of paper ... ...ishments and enterprises, so I may gain a realistic understanding to the science’s application in US based establishments. I perceive that such an understanding will be pivotal to my objectives and profession. Concluding, to become as effective and productive as I sincerely hope, I ask that you give me the opportunity to be one of your aspiring MBA - Accounting students at (NAME OF UNIVERSITY). As a humble student in your prestigious program, I will do my utmost best to be a valuable addition to the program, utilize my full potential as a student and future accountant, and satisfy my thirsty ambition in truly understanding the conducts of a professional accountant at an enterprise level. Moreover, armed with such advanced degree from (NAME OF UNIVERSITY), I will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to do so. I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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