A Personal Statement for a Masters in Computer Science

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The mind must never be kept idle because of its tremendous capacity to absorb and learn. After careful consideration of my aptitude, interests and experiences gained while pursuing my under graduation in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, I have decided to pursue my Masters in the field of Computer Science. Being a dynamic and ever evolving field, many new developments are expected and there is immense scope for research on new products and applications. To progress and make a mark in this field, I realize that it is important for me to pursue my Masters from a reputable university. I have always dreamt of taking up research.

I took up Computer Science and Engineering as my discipline in Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for Women affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, one of the premier institutes in India. My undergraduate education has been a great learning and enriching process for me. It exposed me to all the core areas of Computer Science like operating systems, database management systems, networks and network security, data structures, algorithms and software engineering. These courses have given me a good foundation in the core concepts. My interest lies in Database Management, Programming Languages, Theory of Computation, and Software Engineering. I am fully acquainted with the fast growing subjects like Object Oriented Programming, Analysis and Design. On the other hand, the intensive laboratory classes exposed me to a fascinating world of experimentation. It was here that I discovered the qualities of perseverance and diligence in myself. I feel that these courses have done a lot to prepare me for my future studies and research work.

CS courses like Database Management Systems, Artificial ...

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...ram.I am aware of the kind of dedication and resilience I will have to show over the years. I feel that I am adequately prepared for that, both in having technical qualifications and the right mind-set. My interest in the field of Computer Science and my eagerness to pursue Masters in the field strengthened when I came across the University of xxxx website for Computer Science. I intend to participate in the ongoing research in the campus. I am sure that the peerless faculty, the excellent facilities and the stimulating academic environment among the students of the University of xxx will prove immensely fruitful and facilitate my development as an individual researcher in my field.

In conclusion, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for enabling me to express myself. I would be very thankful if I am offered an admission in your esteemed university.
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