Personal Narrative Essay: The Day I Changed My Life

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Some memories are best forgotten, but it takes courage to go through them. Often, I wish to forget the day when I almost lost my parents in a tragic car accident. As my world came crumbling down, I prayed and hoped that the nightmare would soon end. I endlessly fought the sense of helplessness, isolation and fear of the uncertainty. I was 19 and clueless. Nevertheless, I sailed through these dreadful days and welcomed my parents home after six long months. In the months that followed my parent’s return, I juggled between taking care of my parents, graduating college and adjusting to my new job. Almost 10 years later, this dark phase still has a phenomenal impact on me. Perhaps, because this specific experience transformed me into a grateful, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how they fought the sense of helplessness, isolation, and fear of uncertainty when they almost lost their parents in a tragic car accident. they juggled between taking care of them, graduating college and adjusting to their new job.
  • Describes how their college education saved their sanity and motivated them to graduate on time. after graduating, they worked for a customer-centric company as technical customer care executive.
  • Explains that the rigorous curriculum at nit introduced them to the tools and techniques of ‘data anlaytics’ for solving business challenges. gaining professional experience was an opportunity to put academic knowledge into practice.
  • Describes their duties as a delivery executive at hcl, including delivering remote it infrastructure solutions and managing communications with global business clients.
  • Describes how they developed an awareness of analytics and its diverse applications to address unique business demands of every industry. they were motivated to learn more about multivariate methods, building analytical models, discovering business value and making data driven decisions.
  • Opines that learning effective programming tools for data acquisition, multivariate techniques, analytical decision making, and text mining will stimulate their multidimensional interests in analytics.
  • Describes how they enrolled in the intensive sas training programs and gained hands-on experience and confidence working with larger datasets.
  • Opines that the sas training programs introduced them to the fundamentals of analytics, but they continued to question the role of advanced analytics in transforming business challenges and identifying dynamic customer behaviors.
  • Opines that ncsu is an ideal pick for them because it delivers a unique msa program.
  • Opines that their experience has prepared them for graduate school and makes them a good fit for your program.

Implicitly, my sanity was saved and rooted to finishing my college education. Although, paying the bills were a priority, I was determined to graduate on time. And so, I finished my bachelor’s degree in electronics & information technology, and later earned my master’s degree in computer science, both from Annamalai University. After graduating college, I worked for a customer centric company as a technical customer care executive. I had, imagined working with computers would be an exciting experience, however, troubleshooting was no fun. The job proved to be a double edged sword. Although it was very mechanical, stressful and felt unchallenged, it taught me to be more adaptable, personable and patient under pressure. Due to its routine nature, I often felt my skills and potential were being untapped. Therefore, in pursuance of gaining a holistic perspective of business, I enrolled at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) to earn my business management …show more content…

I am especially eager to interpret, by means of various multivariate methods, the different relationships between variables and their relevance in solving business challenges. I aim to focus on building analytical models necessary for making smarter decisions. I am, especially, looking forward to understanding social media that needs to be managed, measured and analyzed to respond better to customer behavior in ways not anticipated before. Therefore, I am predominantly fascinated with the discovery of ‘The Tweet Visualizer’ application for sentiment analysis by professor Dr. Christopher Healey. I remain hopeful, that his extensive experience in ‘Visualization’ will help me present meaningful results of the data in a way not overwhelming to the human mind. Also, I am honored to learn that professor Dr. David Dickey is part of the distinguished faculty members. Witnessing and learning statistical concepts from him is nothing short of a dream come true. I strongly believe that the exceptional skills of the faculty members at NCSU will stimulate my multidimensional interests in analytics and the program will engage me intellutually.

Last year, my all-out efforts to explore ‘data analytics’ were abruptly interrupted as a dream, predominantly, due to a life threatening surgery. On my way to a healthy recovery,

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