Statement of Purpose for a Masters in Information Technology

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE “Time and tide wait for no man” Being well acknowledged about the above saying has pushed me a mile further for every aspect of my life. The four year engineering course in Information Technology has always been a beautiful experience and has inspired me to put the knowledge into my Masters degree. This would allow me to enhance my knowledge about technology and its pros and cons and the guidance I would need. Gone are those days when man had to slog for simple works, he has advanced into boundaries which are unimaginable and has made his life easy, being an essential part of such an advancement has always been my motive. To attain my goal, my first priority would be in the field of research which will consist experiencing the applications in the real world steered by comprehensive know-how about technology. Technology has prevailed and casted its spell to parts unknown and now has been imbibed into man. Computers and Technology have fascinated me right from my childhood and I have always had it in my mind to choose Information Technology for my engineering. As the years passed my eagerness grew and so did my thirst to attain higher education and now is the perfect time for me to ignite the spark in me. This has given me the courage to analyze the fact that I have a herculean task ahead in order to comprehend an extensive proportion of subject and enjoy it while assimilating the problems. Proper aptitude in mathematics with the right application of logics, sublime performance in physics and chemistry, adequate analytical thinking and good academics which I have acquired during my schooling at D.A.V. Public School and intermediate at Sri Chaitanya Junior College secured me a place in GITAM (Gandhi I... ... middle of paper ... ...l program will allow me to accomplish education in a comprehensive which will stretch the horizons of my knowledge and skills. Coming across a varied group of students will change my perceptions and allow me to do things newly and in a better way. Education at the international level will give me the inculcation and stature to meet the global requirements. I will promise to make an active contribution to the student community at your University and will make the most out of during the course through my talent . Relentless betterment has always been the motive of my life. The foremost requirement to attain this is knowledge and profound guidance. After the completion of my course under the guidance of your privileged university I am confident enough that I will take the path of constant growth. I am eagerly looking forward to join _______________ University.

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