Career Management Process

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Career management plays important role in career development. Career management is done with involved taking some necessary steps to reach the career plan and commonly more focusing on the ability of the organization able to do for their employee to increase their career development (Werner & DeSimone, 2009). Career plan is usually able to be performed, at least in some apart, through the training program which implemented by the organization. Career management process contained four steps which are self-assessment, reality check, goal setting and action planning (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1). The first step of career management process is self-assessment. Self-assessment is refers to the employees using some information that help them to decide which career they really interested to pursue, ability, skills, and behavioural tendencies. According to Allen (2005), self-assessment is a process to identify skills, abilities, knowledge of the employees. During this step, the employees need to do some tests such as the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory and the Self-Directed Search. The tests help the employees to identify the value of work that they place on their work and also leisure activities. Self-assessment is also involved with some exercises which able the employees to identify their career future plan, where are they for now and also how their career match with the current situation and resource that available (Noe, 2010). After done with the exercises, career counsellors usually used to assist the employee in their self-assessment process and also provide explanation about their result of psychology tests. Then the employees assess their current skills and abilities and also capabilities they are lacking with some informa... ... middle of paper ... ... the company occurs when there is a position that need to be fill immediately and the employees who have capabilities to get the job may apply for it. All four steps in career management process are important and none of it can be skip. Works Cited Allen, R. (2005). Competitive career management practices. Massachusetts, US: Waltham Antoniu, E. (2010) Career planning process and its role in human resource development. Annals of the University of Petrosani, Economics, 10(2), 13-22 Noe, R.A. (2010). Employee training and development. (5th ed). Singapore: McGraw-Hill Patrick, A.H. & Kumar.A. (2011). Career management, employee development and performance in Indian information technology organizations. Business Management Dynamics, 1(5), 24-31 Werner, J.M. & Desimone, R.L. (2009). Human resource development. (5th ed). Mason, USA: South-Western Cengage Learning

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