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Having not studies for ten years, I knew there were several areas in my academic writing that needed to be improved. After receiving feedback from ‘Writer’s Diet’ on my submission on ‘why teachers should be effective communicators’ (See Appendix 1) was extremely helpful on the specific points I should be focussing on when writing an academic paper; therefore hopefully improve and achieve a clearer and concise piece of writing to readers. Other resources I used to gain feedback on areas to improve on were from for my lack of comma usage. My other weakness is not thoroughly proof-reading my assignment before submitting. I am aware now which areas that I need to improve on and hopefully achieve improvement.
One of my errors that were stated in the Writer’s Diet that requires improvement is using adverbs and adjectives in the correct form. The first step for me to overcome this will be to recognise words that are adverbs; most adverbs end with ‘ly’. I have started to become familiar between an adverb and adjective by reading recommend books and online resources on the topic and how to correctly place them in academic writing by ensuring when I have written a verb to follow with an adjective and introduce a new topic with an adjective as well as not to use too many adverbs in one paragraph so the clause comes across clearer and defined to the reader. This sounds confusing to me but I’m sure with guidance with online resources I will be able to achieve an understanding of which words go where.
Writer’s Diet has recommended limiting my usage of be-verbs – ‘is’, ‘was’, ‘are’, ‘be’, ‘were’ and ‘been’. I find that I try to link my sentences using be-verbs and find the end result makes the paragraphs confusing and...

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...makes sense. My aim is to spot spelling errors and not rely solely on Microsoft Word Spell Check and to read my document out loud then re-read the document again after editing the paper. I have been getting a friend to look over my papers before submitting which I have gained higher marks due to this technique as she spots errors that I would have overlooked.
There are several areas that I need to address in my writing which I am terrified of all the information that is currently overloading my brain currently. When I have gone through each separate topic that needs to be addressed and have ways to improve on these areas by breaking them up, makes it seem less scary but will be time consuming in the first few assignments as I would have to focus on these errors more aggressively than before. I’m sure it will all be worthwhile and hopefully achieve higher marks.

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