The Importance Of Academic Writing

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My English 1310 course was taught by Professor Daniel Stuart. He taught us the concept of academic writing and why it is important. Academic writing is the process of breaking down ideas, using a formal tone, deductive reasoning and third person. Writing done to carry out the requirements of a college or university on a research based level. It requires a starting point or introduction, followed by a thesis on the preferred topic, then comes proving and disproving of the evidence based arguments. It is important because it is a way to communicate our thoughts clearly and originality. It helps us think and see what evidence we can come up to contribute to that thinking. This course approached this idea of academic writing by exploring further …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that their english 1310 course was taught by professor daniel stuart. academic writing is the process of breaking down ideas, using a formal tone, deductive reasoning and third person.
  • Explains that they were asked to write 4 essays throughout the course, including an original version, revision memo, and final revised version.
  • Explains that they chose to write their argument description on an essay called "corn-pone opinions" by mark twain.
  • Explains that in the "argument analysis" essay, they were supposed to identify and describe the primary and secondary claims from an essay chosen from the best american essays book.
  • Explains that professor stuart assigned them an essay called a "genre analysis" that required them to develop an argumentative analysis to complete the assignment. the teacher didn't want this use of online material incorporated in the essay.
  • Explains that the last assignment essay for this course was the "argument in literature" prompt. the essay required us to provide justifications used by to support those claims.
  • Explains how the hupomnemata, a journal, and individual conferences contributed to their learning.
  • Opines that the english 1310 course helped them become a better writer by providing them with the proper tools and feedback to improve on their skills.

Each of the essays included an original version, followed by a revision memo, and last but not least a final revised version of the essay. After we completed an essay, the professor would grade our original essay and give feedback on how to further improve on our final revised essay. We then would have to take his corrections into consideration and write 2 paragraphs on how to fix our mistakes called a revision memo. The first essay we were asked to write an “Argument Description”. For this essay, it was required for the students to find the writer’s primary and secondary claims of a particular essay chosen from the Best American Essays book and describe how they work. Secondly, we were asked to write an “Argument Analysis”. In this essay it required the same work as the “Argument Description” essay, but we were asked to find the implications about the claims stated. The next essay, Professor Stuart asked us to write was a “Genre Analysis”. The “Genre Analysis” essay required us to develop an argumentative analysis that explains the expectations of the assignments. This specific essay required us to explain the strategy and process, and evaluate how we had to adapt to the assignment. Our final essay for this course was called an “Argument in Literature”. The “Argument in Literature” essay required us to compose an argument analysis over one of the course readings and give an evaluation of the ideas …show more content…

Professor Stuart used a lot of discussions in the class. Everyone in class offered their opinion on all the material we encountered during the course. The class discussions contributed to helping me learn because it provided me with extra information and different viewpoints of how others interpreted the material. Also, we ended up going to the library and taking a tour. This experience added to my learning in this course because it taught me how to find the proper materials in the library and how to accurately benefit from the sources available in the library. Another contributing factor was the individual conferences scheduled by the professor. The conference contributed because the teacher discussed the current grade I had in that class and helped me understand what I needed to do to improve my academic writing along with my grade. The Prezi PowerPoints encouraging my learning by providing me with accurate information, further helping me understand the underlying material. Peer review also played a role in my learning because it allowed us to get outside ideas or criticism for our paper, allowing us to fix the mistakes, before turning it in. In addition to all these contributing factors, the hupomnemata really benefited me the most. The hupomnemata is a journal used for writing down notes on the material and some things the professor said in

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