Why Students Failing A Course

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The Causes of Failing a Course After students graduate from high schools, they attend universities depending on majors which they select. Studying in a university is principle for students because they want to get a degree, yet unfortunately, a lot of students fail their courses. Failing a course is dissatisfying for students because it might prevent them from achieving their goals. Although failing a course might be disappointing for many students, it is a result of students’ academic unpreparedness, their excessive absences, and their personal social skills. One major cause of failing a course is students’ academic unpreparedness because students think they are skillfully ready for taking a course when they finish a high…show more content…
Choosing a major might affect students when they study a major that is not their interests. For example, there are many parents who push their children to study medicine which is not the children 's priority fail their courses. The student will not study for his course because he is forced by his parents to study this major, and he will not be encouraged to take the course. Consequently, he will fail in it because he is not prepared to study medicine. Thus, students’ choices in majors are significant for passing or failing a course. Another cause of failing a course is students excessive absences because students are not aware of how attendance is essential in universities. Attendance takes substantially higher grade…show more content…
They have to get a grade of A , B, or C in order to pass a course in a university. However, some students do not attend their courses ,so the percentage of their passing scores decreases because they miss their lectures. There are many reasons for why students do not attend their classes in universities. Busy, ill, and at work are the principle reasons for not attending a university lecture (Massingham and Herrington, 96). Some students are easygoing with absences from their universities courses, and many judge that they are working. Students prefer to skip their classes, and they prefer to go to their work because they may want to make money. Nevertheless, If students had a high number of absences, they might fail their courses. Even though students are busy or at work, they have to attend their classes in order to pass them. Also, some students make excuses to not attend their courses because they do not want to study. For example, some students rely on their classmates to take from them notes about their courses as an excuse to be absent from their classes. Therefore, they struggle when they take final tests because they might not understand their classmates’ notes, and they fail their courses. Students have to be responsible for their attendance and manage their time because they do not want to fail their
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