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  • Street Smarts vs. Book Smarts in Academia

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    Our society has always had an obsession with labels whether in the form of fashion, our description of personal relationships, or the way we see ourselves as individuals. Labels never escape us. Therefore, if we are going to be labeled by our peers, is it better to be labeled "book smart" or "street smart"? What about in the world of academics? Should students be supported by schools and teachers to allow street smarts to be used in an academic environment? While some schools are likely to be against

  • Academia Barilla

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    Born of the idea to preserve authentic Italian cuisine, Academia Barilla has faced strategic issues to increase profitability and growth. Offering not only high quality food products, but an education on Italian gastronomy, Academia relies on a differentiated marketing message of authenticity, with the quality to prove it. While striving to teach buyers of the difference between imitation and true Italian cuisine, Academia must continue to seek new strategies to reach a broader customer base. By

  • A Latina In Academia Summary

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    A Latina in Academia - Critical Analysis It can be hard for a latina woman to be taken seriously in an education based profession. Stereotypes and unfair inferences are the cause of such hardships. The ethnic studies professor at Washington State University, Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo is no exception. She faces many obstacles a latin professor likely would face while teaching students about ethnic studies. The majority of professors students encounter are often white males. Lugo-Lugo realizes this and makes

  • Academia Personal Statement

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    Intellectual growth and curiosity outside of the classroom are values in which I believe have allowed me to harbor success in academia. The ability to learn in a setting that is not enclosed by four walls and to forgo the traditional environment of textbooks, lectures, and homework assignments, is something I have always taken the time to seek out in my life. Within the scope of academia, I have had many interests that I would like to explore more in depth in a research setting. Science, computer science

  • Repurposing Literacy: Blending Academic and Extracurricular Skills

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    Individuals can benefit from having multiple literacies. Literacy in area outside of academia can be repurposed and used in academic settings too. The same is true for academic literacies; academic expertise can prove beneficial in other areas. In order to repurpose literacy, one would apply knowledge by reconstructing past literacies and reapplying it in order to enhance present literacies. One educator, Kevin Roozen, described repurposing literacy as blending together of extracurricular elements

  • Statement of Purpose for a Ph.D in Science and Engineering

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    research for the betterment of upcoming generations. That is why I am applying for Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA), so that I can pursue my higher studies at an institution which I am sure, will help me in making my desired career. Academia is not as easy as it seems. As I watch the professors at...

  • Honor Society Pillars

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    Scholarship, leadership, character, service and citizenship are the key building blocks to a successful National Honor Society member. I believe that I represent and exemplify these attributes and possess qualities that would contribute positively to the grandioseness of National Honor Society. Scholarship is an essential key to a successful student and I believe I harbor this characteristic, as I have a vehement commitment to learning. In my opinion, education is crucial to have a prosperous life

  • Analysis Of The Freirean Method

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    There has been plenty of discussion on which teaching methods best engage students in a classroom setting. The proposed methods come in variety, but one method that has had success recently is the Freirean method (Santos 363, 364). The Freirean method is composed of dialogical classes, classes that are based around discussion, whose intentions are to provide relevant social and technological education to students. For example, Wildson Dos Santos writes in his article “Scientific Literacy: A Freirean

  • Science Vs Religion

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    of science are met with incredulity and most are considered a heresy. Since the middle ages until the 18th centuri, religious ideology was the most accepted way of explaining the unexplained. During the next couple hundred years, many members of academia(a school of philosophy), using science to back them up, came up with new ways of dealing with the unanswerable questions. When the church had the greatest power, men and women of science were viewed as the "wicked guys." In most cases it was safer

  • First Year of University Studies

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    inhabitants o... ... middle of paper ... ...curate and working piece of scientific software by a deadline, forcing me to learn how to deal with it all on the fly. I now feel immensely more prepared to take on any project, and far more accustomed to academia, having taken my first steps down the path of research. Now, on the brink of completing my first year of university studies, I look forward to my future. Having been captivated by computation and mathematics since a young age, I intend to attend

  • Impact Of Advanced Nurse Practice In Nursing

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    Impact of the Advanced Nurse Practice in the nursing profession When implemented the Clinical Nurse Consultant Research, nursing will be improve in other directions and not only patient care but the skill, knowledge and critical thinking of the nurse. As these professionals will be of great help to all the medical and academic community since the CNRC are suitable for carrying out research which will help improve the quality of patient care, as these introduce the most recent data from medical research

  • Understanding and Identifying Plagiarism

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    1. A) Identify and explain two examples of plagiarism, Two examples of plagiarism included “Copying passages from works of others into one’s homework, essay, term paper, or dissertation, without acknowledgement” (Forms of Plagiarism. n.d.) and “Paraphrasing another person’s characteristic or original phraseology, metaphor, or other literary device, without acknowledgement” (Forms of Plagiarism. n.d.). The first type of plagiarism involves direct copying of paragraph(s) to one’s assignment without

  • Dnp In Nursing

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    The white paper entitled, The Doctor of Nursing Practice: Current Issues and Clarifying Recommendations was written and published by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). The AACN Board of Directors formed a task force to review and clarify the evolution of the practice doctorate in nursing as outlined in the Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice (DNP Essentials). This paper highlights the recommendations to describe and clarify the characteristics of

  • Academic Integrity Is Closely Related To Professionalism

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    for the individual and society. The term professional not only apply on people who are working, it also can be apply on student. A student can also act professional in school by uphold the value of integrity. Academic integrity is the moral code of academia and it involves using generating and communicating information in an ethical, honest and responsible manner. There are five fundamental of values: Honesty, Trust, Fairness, Respect and responsibility

  • Plagiarism : A Common Stigma Of Society

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    Plagiarism. It’s a word that simply has a terrible reputation and will automatically relate itself to the world of writing and academics. For ages, it had been rooted in the academia and vast numbers of different professions. With the advancement of the Information Technology and Internet, the problem seems to spread wider throughout the world. Nowadays, a common stigma of society regarding plagiarism is that it happens broadly among the students of our generation, and it seems to grow at a concerning

  • School Examinations Should Be Abolished

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    Examinations, as we know it, have emerged to be the main facet of modern education in the ever-changing landscape of academia. In an education infrastructure that is as unpredictable as the clouds, it is somewhat ironic that the system of examinations as a means of judging a student’s ability has prevailed through the years. Every person, in their quest for knowledge, would inevitably encounter numerous modes of examinations throughout the course of their academic journey. As much importance has

  • Gerolamo Cardano

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    Cardano. Gerolamo went to school in his hometown in Pavia until he moved to Padua where he became a Rector of the university. Here he attained a degree in medicine. In 1524 Cardano moved to Sacco where he married and gained the chair of mathematics at Academia Palatina. One decade later he lost this chair too Zuanne da Coi. . In the year of 1535, right after Cardano lost his chair too Zuanne da Coi. Niccolo won a mathematical competition by defeating Antonio Maria Fior. This revolved around the problem

  • Responding to Student Writing

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    Responding to student writing is rife with potential — potential to help students improve their writing, potential to encourage a writer to continue, and potential to make the student feel like a failure. The written text used to responding to student writing, the end notes, the marginalia, is hugely influential to student writing, but largely ignored. John Swales might identify this kind of text as an “occluded” genres—texts that are produced on a very regular basis in a composition class (including

  • Academic Excellence Essay

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    in good education is important for each and every one of us in order to have a better and successful life in the future. But what exactly is academic excellence about? Is it about how high how you score on an exam? Is it measured by the number of academia plaques or medals you’ve obtained throughout the years? It is much more than that. It is the maximum development of one’s intellectual capabilities, and the skills in service that one can contribute to humanity. Academic excellence is more or so

  • Academic Dishonesty Essay

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    (“Facts About Plagiarism,” 2011)” (Jones, 2011). The overwhelming increase in academic dishonesty, cheating, and plagiarism within student bodies across the country have created a concern for the morality and discernment of those inside the field of academia. It has created a rise in question of whether or not students these days have the capabilities to ethically choose the correct decisions, not just in academics, but also throughout life. Even with the large evidential rise in academic dishonesty