The Pros And Cons Of Strict Attendance Policies

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Some professors in universities and some departments have very tight polices related with attendance. There are many universities and colleges in the world which doesn’t consider regular attendance in their grading part system. Sometime if the professor knows about the excessive number of times the student was absent they will mark the name of student and the final grade of that class is lowered. This topic is an issue of debate all over the world. Some people support this rule while other is against this rule. In this paper, I have presented many arguments in favor of strict attendance policy while some arguments are against the strict attendance policy. Students in college and universities are matured enough to take their own decision (Bastedo,…show more content…
The first phase of the knowledge is learning. If the student attends the classes regularly with interest and attention his learning capability increases with time. The professor can also motivate the students about the learning by delivering the lecture properly and making sure that the knowledge is delivered to every student in the class. The second phase of the knowledge is skill development. The teacher can deliver the lecture to the students by providing the examples or applications of daily life which develops the skills of the students about certain subject which is being discussed in the class (Mar burger, 2006). Skill development is another benefit of the mandatory attendance policies. The third phase of the learning is judgment. Attending the classes regularly will enhance the learning capability and skills of the students which helps them to make judgments on different scenarios in of daily life about a certain subject (An, 2006).
Class participation is another important benefit of mandatory attendance policies. The evaluation of the student can also be done on the class participation. Professors also take a quiz or ask a bonus question in the class to increase the attention and interest of students in the particular subject. Evaluation on class participation also increases the interest of the students in particular subject and towards the

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