College Students Should Choose Their Own Courses

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There has been a number of debates as to whether college students should be given the opportunity to choose their courses. Like any contentious subject, while others are of the opinion that, courses should be chosen for college students, others believe that, students should be given complete freedom to choose the courses they would love to study. When students join college, they are forced to study for subjects they do not want to. Many students complain that they are not allowed to choose subjects they are interested in; rather, they are forced to take compulsory subjects. In addition, students complain that, they are forced to spend their entire years in college doing things they really do not need. This is very wrong because, college students should have more freedom to choose their own courses for several reasons. To start with, students are always interested in studying different subjects, and they love courses they choose to study. Moreover, if students are allowed to study the courses they choose, it will be easy for them to concentrate and work hard so as to excel in this subjects.

College students should be allowed to choose their courses because they will study more comfortably. Students will spend a lot of their time studying and researching more on the chosen course in order to excel. They will understand the course very well because; it is what they are interested in. In addition, if college students are given a chance to choose the subjects they want to study, they will be more eager to attend classes because, they love what there are dong. This means, many college students will excel I their studies. Thy will put a lot of effort in their studies and get best results because, they are comfortable with the course. Students need a chance to choose what courses to take, and as the result, they will get better marks, which is satisfactory both for them as well as for their teachers.

Students know what they are good at, so they should be given an opportunity to do what they are good. This can only be done by allowing them to choose courses they are good at, and are interested in. Essentially, it is vital that college students should be allowed to choose their courses because; only they know what they are interested in and what they need. Majority of students pay more attention to the subjects they are interested in and this is the reason why, when joining college, they will want to pursue a course in the subjects.

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