Why Nurses Are Important In Nursing Essay

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Why are nurses so essential? Nurses are very essential in today's society because they help care for the patients. Nurses help by giving the patient's confidence in themselves and telling them what's going to happen, like how safe the surgery will be and what the surgeons will be doing during the surgery. If nurses weren't there, then patients wouldn't get the care they need and would suffer mental and physical insecurities.
In the 19th century, as nursing began, many schools had private registries to start nursing. By the 20th century their success led to many in the nursing community to deliver a wider spectrum of nursing services. Many of these organizations operated with professional groups like the (ANA) American Nursing Association,
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Many nurses wanted to become nurses so they would have money, support a family, while some felt passionate to help others. Nurses exist because people are caring and are wanting to help. They enjoy doing their job because they get to help others. The nursing career is very important in this modern world today, it helps save lives, protects diseases, and sicknesses. They are helpful for caring and helping others through nursing. The great thing about nurses is they're there for you and can help with whatever the need may be. Many nurses also help you recover from illness, injury, or help you regain independence to do your daily activities. Although it's still tough because there's not enough people helping and caring for the people who need their help.
Why can't nurses recruit more people into our people to stay in the nursing career? There are many different reasons why someone wouldn't join the nursing career, including they just don't have the compassion to help other people. Many nurses are stressed because they can't get everything for their patience done in one day. While recruiting nurses to join, the influence, suffrage, and enthusiasm sometimes gets people to join or stay there is still a shortage of nurses, which may not be fixed anytime soon. Many people that join or stay in the nursing career and are the ones that love to help other
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